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fresh sliced citrus and lime fruit

Made with  real ingredients

Barcoop Bevy is a line of refreshing, all natural cocktail mixers made by real bartenders. We pride ourselves on a short list of real ingredients.. This means that there are no artificial ingredients, preservatives or high fructose corn syrup. Only real ingredients made by real people in Charleston, SC.

Recipe for success mixer bottle label

Easy to use and even easier to enjoy

A simple ratio recipe of two ingredients - Barcoop Bevy and spirit - makes a perfectly balanced cocktail. For a bevy of friends, use the handy fill line on the bottle to make a pitcher’s worth of cocktails.

Joe and MariElena Raya

Crafted by

With deep roots in the cocktail industry, husband and wife team Joe and MariElena Raya owned and operated one of Charleston’s most renowned craft cocktail bars before entering into manufacturing cocktail mixers. Barcoop Bevy is a line of cocktail mixers focused on refreshing flavor profiles from Bittermilk Bottling Co., the makers of Bittermilk handcrafted cocktail mixers, Tippleman’s cocktail syrups and Drinkmanship ready-to-drink cocktails.

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